Franchise Model

Taqwa Islamic School has devised an extensive pattern of teaching where you find a symbiosis of Science and Spirituality so that the children of our Ummah would not only become extraordinary professionals in their respective fields but also attain ultimate success in the hereafter.

Alhamdulillah, we have always been successful in setting milestones since our inception. Now, we are in the process of expanding our network across the nation. For the sake of accomplishment of our goals, we are in search of the dynamic and revolutionary people who have the passion to serve the Ummah.

Franchise Plans

Up Grade Plan

Unit Franchise Plan

Our Requirement

1. Area as per the guidelines of Educational Board

2. Candidates must have Islamic ideology and inclination towards its universal teachings.

3. Candidates having comprehensive idea of religious obligations and practical religious approach would be preferred.

4. Qualified and dedicated manpower willing to serve the Ummah through quality education.

Our Support

1. Site Selection and Establishment Guidance

2. Comprehensive Curriculum & Syllabi Support

3. Faculty Recruitment Assistance

4. Training of Teachers and Staff at Regular Interval

5. Marketing and Advertisement Aid

6. Brand Promotion

7. Research and Development

Our Benefits

1. Halal & Stable Income

2. Sawaab-e-Jaariyah (Ongoing Righteous Deed)

3. Robust & Consistent Return on Investment

4. Respectable Profession

5. Rewarding Career