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Allah will raise-up to ranks(and degrees) those of you who believe and who have been granted knowledge.  (Al-Mujadalah 58 : 11)

About Taqwa Islamic School

You would unanimously agree that today our society is plagued by a number of evils. There is bloodshed, atrocity, oppression all around us. The world, as a whole is, faced with a number of shameful and sinful activities.

The easiest prey to get into the clutches of the satan is the new generation of our Ummah i.e. the children. These innocent beings are easily attracted towards the evilish activities which are presented very beautifully by the satan.

And from where do children learn most of these activities? – From their schools. The convent schools of today, which are considered best for our children, are the home to a number of distractions.

In most of these schools, our children are forced to say prayers which have words full of ‘shirk’. The children here are pestered with the concept that success is equal to money. They cannot survive and they are a complete failure if they fail to bag lucrative jobs. The children are forced to enter into competition with the target to earn money and to gain a luxurious life in this world. When children are imparted just worldly education then, they become very materialistic.

The children are surrounded with so called bold friends who are always interested in all vulgarities. They come into contact with students who are from very different backgrounds and our children are attracted by their customs and start to copy them.

In such schools, children compete with each other in being as ‘so called’ modern as possible even if it means wearing less clothes, drinking, going out for parties etc. In some school children are exposed to pressures of western culture. The result is that they suffer from identity crisis, which is crucial for mental, emotional and personality development.

Also there comes a big gap between them and Islam. Such children have a very poor relationship with Qur’an and sunnah which results in harm in both the worlds. Thus attempts of success in just this world results in a great loss and that is the failure in hereafter.

So, its high time that we start thinking about success of our children in both the worlds and it could come just by education for both the worlds. So there should be many schools which provide best modern education as well as education of Qur’an and sunnah.

Children spend most of their productive time in school. If we send them to an un-Islamic environment where their friends discuss movies and actors, it is possible that inspite of our best efforts at home, our children may get affected by these wrong trends and influences right in front of our eyes. It is like pushing our children into a muddy puddle and still wishing that they don’t get dirty.

So, its high time that we realize the importance of Islamic schools. The Ummah should seriously think about this very crucial problem at present. We need Islamic schools for proper growth and development of our children. It is our duty to provide our children an environment where they are surrounded with positive Islamic influences. If we profess to be a Muslim, we have to obey Allah’s commands and we have to do all we can to save our children from the Hell fire.

Alhamdulillah, we have made an effort in this direction by introducing Taqwa Islamic School.

Alhamdulillah Taqwa Islamic School is known for its unique feature to provide teachings of Qur’an and sunnah along with the contemporary subjects. Taqwa Islamic School develops a symbiosis of science, Technology and spirituality in the tiny – tots of the Ummah.

The success of our future is in the hands of our youth as they will be the next generation of scholars, Dayees, Imams, Doctors, Teachers and entrepreneurs. They will teach Tawheed to those around them. And to achieve these targets, they need to have a strong ground in Ilm (knowledge) and Amal (actions).

Thus, at Taqwa Islamic School, we are committed to equip our children with the knowledge about Islam and all other contemporary subjects in a balanced way. We, Insha Allah intend to produce such stars who will present the message of Qur’an and sunnah with the same ease and confidence with which they will present the laws of science. They will recite the ayahs of the Qur’an with the same beauty and understanding with which they will present the literary works of renowned authors and poets. And you will soon see these stars brightly shining in the dark sky of this era where ignorance prevails all around.


“Come join hands in Shaping the future of the Ummah”.